Q: What kind of Hikes will we be doing?

A: Our journey in and out of the lodge will be a 12km hike along the gorgeous Spillamachine River.This will include a a 45min ascent and decent of hydro hill to view and explore the micro hydro generator for Purcell Lodge. Please note we will be driving to and from Golden to the hiking staging and this is two hour journey with no services. 

Our day hikes will include journeys on the 25km long alpine meadow filled with beautiful alpine flowers and if weather permits to the top of Copperstain Mountain. Let your eyes feast on the views of Sir Donald, a view like no other.


Q: How Do I get There?

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Q: What to BrinG?

A:We will provide a detailed list of exactly what to bring on the trip upon registering.

But to give you an idea:  You can pack a 40L or under duffel bag that will get flown into the lodge with all your personal items, so that means all you have to hike in is a small day pack with water, layers, rain jacket and snack. Once we arrive at the lodge we have a meal service meaning you get to relax in the amazing dinning room and share food with your fellow guests (and even wine if you want too). There is no need to bring any sleeping equipment as the lodge is set up with private rooms with linens and towels. 


Q: Travel Insurance?

A: We suggest that you get insurance through global rescue.