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Leah Evans and Madeline Martin-Preney founded this camp because of their need to provide people with the space to truly enjoy nature, and it was born through hiking—that activity that’s infinitely accessible and slows time so you can connect to the landscape, the people you’re with, and your own thoughts. Pulling from their cast of magical friends, Airplane Mode guides are people who have been changing the world in small and large ways.


Leah is an Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) assistant hiking guide by summer, and a professional skier by winter. She’s passionate about connecting people with the wild within and without, as the owner of Circle In Events, Inc. Leah is the force behind the iconic Revelstoke-based Girls Do Ski program that’s single-handedly created one of the strongest communities of female skiers that the sport has ever seen. She also produced the film Cabin Jams that brought music creation into backcountry skiing





Katie is a stand-up comedian, legendary on the comedy scene for her hilarious take on mountain town living. In true multi-talented form, she’s also an actor, director, producer, writer, marketing maven and outdoors woman. Katie is the mastermind behind Influencer, the hilarious and close-to-the-bone Instagram account and character based on the runaway joke of “Digital Narcissism Syndrome.” Katie is interested in connecting people through experiential education and laughter—the kind of laughter that leaves you rolling on the ground with your stomach hurting.

KATIE Burell 



Madeleine is an Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) hiking guide and assistant ski guide, yoga instructor, and outdoors guru. She was the first woman to traverse the legendary Selkirk mountain range on skis. Madeleine brings brightness to every situation, and also happens to be an outdoor encyclopedia. With straight-to-the-heart but gentle self-discovery techniques, Madeleine is interested in helping people realize what they’re capable of in the outdoors.

Madeline Martin Preney