We aim to create a space that allows you to disconnect to reconnect with 






Why Airplane Mode?

Many of us crave a break from the 24/7 connection of our cell phones and computers. Maybe it’s the feeling of being constantly available. Maybe it’s all the digital noise that keeps you from hearing your own thoughts sometimes. Maybe it’s the FOMO that’s inevitable in constantly watching what other people are doing on Facebook or Instagram. 

Mounting studies show that spending time on social media actually leaves us more depressed than before. Rather than feeling connected to people, we feel lonelier. And yet we’re addicted to the easy time-kill of scrolling through feeds and the endorphin bump of notifications. We’ve become addicted to virtual relationships with our phones. 

In doing so, we’ve lost the connection to our thoughts, and the feeling of community with other people and with the natural world that’s nurtured the human spirit for ages. 



Connection: Through disconnection, Airplane Mode aims to re-connect you to the important things. We’ve re-invented the outdoor experience to make it happen: 

Nature: Remember what it feels like to have spent an entire day outside? Washed clean by wind, happily tired from walking through wildflower-studded fields to the soundtrack of rushing water. Watching the sun set over a peak that you stood on top of that day, holding that sense of familiarity with a place that makes it feel like home. 

Community: We’ve built in time to talk to each other on the trail, over coffee or wine by the fire. We’ve built in laughter. Over the course of Airplane Mode, you’ll probably feel more connected to one another than you even thought possible in this digital age of virtual relationships.

Yourself: In the end, it’s all about re-connecting to yourself. When your thoughts quiet, your dreams find you again. You can identify what you want, what you don’t want. You have space for re-invention.  

 Seem far-fetched? Maybe. But this is what happens when you mess around with magic.




Leah Evans and Madeline Martine-Preney founded this camp because of their need to provide people with the space to truly enjoy nature, and it was born through hiking—that activity that’s infinitely accessible and slows time so you can connect to the landscape, the people you’re with, and your own thoughts. 

Pulling from their cast of magical friends, Airplane Mode guides are people who have been changing the world in small and large way



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